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852 Gorham Street
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 1Y8
P 905-895-4552
F 905-895-9745

email:   clinic@gorhamanimal.ca

Welcome to the Gorham Animal Hospital, privileged, since 1979, in having the opportunity to provide experienced and compassionate veterinary care for our extended family members in the Newmarket and the surrounding areas.

We would like to thank the many clients who took the time to nominate our clinic for the Reader's Choice Awards.  We just received notice that we were repeatedly voted in the 'best vet' category winning one of the top positions in York.   What a compliment, again, thank you.

From routine wellness exams, house call services,  to emergency surgeries and everything in between, Gorham Animal Hospital has what your pet needs! You've come to the right place to find an experienced veterinarian who understand the bond between you and your pet.  We have a special emphasis on educating our clients to help make informed healthcare choices for their family and provide ideal care tailored to your needs. We look forward to a longterm partnership with your family.

I am fortunate to have Dr. Danielle Jongkind join me at the clinic.  We worked alongside each other for eight years at my previous clinic in Brampton.  Danielle will be a great fit for the clinic, enabling us to extend our regular office hours, offering late Thursday night appointments for your convenience.

Understanding the often hectic balancing act between appointments, we offer a convenient drop off service.  Pets can be dropped off at the clinic, examined by our veterinarian, who can then contact you with any diagnostic or treatment recommendations and arrange for a convenient pick up time.  

Many of you have had the experience of one of our clinic cats, Bobbi joining you on the bench, usually cuddling his way onto a lap.  He thrived under the attention received, and I know that he has had some wonderful years with us.  Bobbi turned 20 in July.   His arthritis, thyroid and kidney disease were well managed however, he recently succumbed to cancer.  He is greatly missed. 

What is new???lots!!

Staying with the white and black cat theme...O'Malley is our newest feline addition.  He has shown a particularly disturbing interest in Archie our budgie.  

Online webstore with products available to your family online and delivered right to your door! Any orders over 125$ include free delivery.  ANY order can be delivered to,  and picked up, at the clinic with no delivery charge.  

Wellness programs  will be available as of Jan. 01, 2016, to ensure that our pets can receive the recommended preventative veterinary care while easing the burden of veterinary costs.   Please see the article on wellness program and our upcoming newsletter for more details.

Challenge yourself, how hard is vet medicine anyway????

The internet has some valuable resources pertaining to our pets health, it also contains misinformation.  Please call if you have any questions pertaining to your pets health, giving us the opportunity to provide articles or up to date information.  We hope that our case studies aid in the decisions that your family makes with the aim of prevention...If only they could live forever...We also hope to help you understand some of the conditions that require immediate medical intervention, potentially life threatening.

Any bleeding pet, any pet having difficulty breathing, any animal in pain/distress, and pets that are straining when urinating/defecating, or cats having urinary accidents in the house, need immediate attention.  Note a cat that is not eating should also be considered a medical emergency; they can develop liver disease just as a consequence of not eating enough calories to meet their nutritional requirements within 48 hours. 

 Understanding your pets condition, the potential prevention (ideally!!)

 and any diagnostic, and treatment recommendations are important to ensure that you are able to actively participate in making the best informed decisions for your pet' health.  so...join us for our ongoing case studies,and yes these are real...go to the articles on case studies.... have a look at this xray to begin your veterinary studies.